Of course I love the Suttas. I’m a Buddhist monk.

For the last 4 years or so, I’ve made it a regular habit to read the Suttas for 20 minutes a day. In this way it takes me about a year and a half to make a pass through the so-called Early Buddhist Texts (or EBT’s). I feel this has given me a much better perspective on what the Buddha actually said, as well as what the Buddha did not say.

I want to especially thank the monk that manages readingfaithfully.org (who wishes to remain unnamed) for encouraging me to take up this habit, as it was the best decision I’ve ever made. My meditation practice benefitted greatly.

My favorite Suttas are the EBTs. This is the portion of the Theravada Pali Canon which is not Commentarial, nor the Abhidhamma.

Here is a 37-minute introductory video (103MB .mp4) about what the EBTs are, and where to read them online:

You can read the EBTs online for free, at Sutta Central.

I’ve also made several lists of my favorite suttas. Here are those lists: