I live-stream a 1-hour Dhamma talk just below, every Sunday morning, 10:00am MDT (Alberta time). For all other times outside that, the embedded video player just below will display an error message.

Once you create a user account in the “Mattermost” chat server, you can submit Dhamma questions here, as well as interact, during the Dhamma Talk. I promise I won’t spam you in any way, if you sign up for a Mattermost user!

Note: you can see past recorded Video Dhamma Talks, posted on the front page of this site here. Furthermore, there is an RSS Feed to this site’s postings, such that you can be instantly notified of any new videos posted.

To watch this video (using “Picture in Picture”), and chat in Mattermost at the same time:

  • Desktop/Laptop Users: Hover your mouse over the video player (while it’s displaying a live Dhamma Talk). A blue square appears along the right edge of the video. Hover over that, and it slides out, saying “Picture-in-Picture”. Click that, and the video floats independant of the web page. Now you can submit Dhamma questions, and not lose the playing video.

  • Android Users:

    1) If you don’t already have it, please install VLC in Android. Launch it.

    2) Open the “burger” menu (three horizontal bars) in the upper left corner.

    3) Tap “Stream”:

    4) Paste in the following complete line:


    …and press the Orange Arrow (just to the right of that)

    5) Once the video (my face) is displayed fullscreen (and you can hear my voice):

    • a) tap the screen to reveal the controls.

    • b) To the right of the Pause/Play button at the bottom, is a menu button with three dots. Tap that and a menu pops up.

    • c) In there is “Pop-up Player” (and this is synonymous with “Picture-in-Picture”). Tap that and the video (my face) turns into a small hovering rectangle. You can drag it to whatever corner of the screen you like.

    • d) Now switch apps to your web browser, where you are logged into Mattermost.

  • iPad Users: A “Picture in Picture” feature works with iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Air 2 and later, or iPad mini 4 and later. See here for more details (search for “Picture in Picture” there). Note: For older iPads there is a VLC app for iOS, but it lacks a “Pop-up Player” mode. It’s advisable to use a laptop, or newer iPad instead.

  • iPhone Users: Unfortunatley, iPhone’s don’t have any way to show two web pages at the same time. Note: There is a VLC app for iOS, but it lacks a “Pop-up Player” mode. It’s advisable to use a laptop, or newer iPad instead.