Here’s a 67-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (150MB .mp4).


  • Integrating meditation and mindfulness into our lives, seclusion, restraint, refraining, each monastery uses a different approach to regulating internet usage, challenges, monk life at modern-day Theravada monasteries such as Na Uyana (Sri Lanka), Dhammagiri (Australia), Arrow River Forest Hermitage (Canada), and Sasanarakkha (Malaysia)

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  • “Enso”-like kitchen timer, for sale in Malaysia, for use as a convenient meditation timer

  • “Information wants to be free” - paraphrased:

    “Information Wants To Be Free. Information also wants to be expensive. …That tension will not go away.”

  • Subreddit which has many examples of “Dark Patterns” in software design: “Asshole Design”

  • …my Mastodon posting about the above:

    “Confucius wisely said the following: “Petty man focuses on the details; Great man focuses on the big picture”, however our world has become one where it makes a business model out of penalizing and profiting off of those who are inattentive to detail, en masse - by way of very carefully engineered “dark patterns”



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