Here’s an 61-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (485MB .mp4). Note that this is part 1; Part 2 is found here, and Part 3 is found here.

Full title:

"Enshrining the Spiritual and “Time Out” from Social Media, Part 1"


  • virtues, values, sacrifice, tight and loose cultures, strong leadership, innovation, breakthroughs, achievement, Tokonoma (床の間), architecture, bonsai, wall scrolls, art, restraint, “Time Out”, “put on the brakes”, children, Social Media, Facebook, Meta, Tiktok, Twitter, Adblock, uBlock Origin, Adlists, addiction, the need to make friends, shades of grey, tyrants, restriction, OpenWrt, Pi-Hole, pihole, Raspberry Pi, networking, demo, hostnames, DNS, circumventing, cheating, “dial of atonement”, Pali Canon, Buddha’s Words, suttas, Nikayas, available even during restriction, blocking; automated, timed blockages

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Sutta Reference:

  • SN 22.87 - “He who sees Dhamma, Vakkali, sees me; he who sees me sees Dhamma. Truly seeing Dhamma, one sees me; seeing me one sees Dhamma.”

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