Here’s an 53-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (162MB .mp4). Note that this is part 2, to last week’s Dhamma Talk - found here. Part 3 is found here.

Full title:

"Enshrining the Spiritual and “Time Out” from Social Media, Part 2"


  • Tokonoma (床の間), toko, Free for Distribution Buddhist ebooks, offline reading, convenience, Calibre, search, tags, organization, folder, database, Calibre-web, syncthing, OpenWrt, hostnames, clean URLs, nginx, avoiding self-signed SSL certificates, nextcloud, sharing, federating, wireguard, innernet

Sutta References:

  • There are many Nibbana-related Early-Buddhist-Text suttas well-presented in the free-for-distribution ebook “The Island”, by Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Amaro

Other References:

  • Last week’s Dhamma Talk, where I showed the “Tokonoma” starting web page, and explained the gradually increasing limiting of Social Media access for a child’s wifi devices using OpenWrt and Pi-hole.

  • Calibre is an ebook-organizing app, which many Buddhist monks I know use regularly in their Dhamma research.

  • calibre-web turns a Calibre ebook database folder into a website. But you unfortunately can’t add ebooks from that web interface. And the “cps” systemd service needs restarting, should new ebooks get synced into the Calibre database at the filesystem level. Despite these annoyances, calibre-web might be a great option when a library has on the order of thousands of ebooks, and the tagging which was originally done in Calibre is really important to search against. For smaller ebook collections, I suggest just using a Nextcloud fileshare, as Nextcloud is much more mature and polished than calibre-web (and has great features for sharing folders by generated web link, or over to other Nextcloud users, and this feature can “federate” over to users on other Nextcoud servers).

  • innernet - conveniently sets up wireguard tunnels; is better than using self-signed SSL certificates, IMHO.

  • How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Nextcloud Server

  • “Crack Monkey” Artwork. Copyrighted, but used for educational purposes.



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