Here’s a 64-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (152MB .mp4).


  • wrong view, right view, Bhante Aggacitta, SBS, Sangha Pavarana, Iti Pi So, sotapanna, faith, confirmed faith in the Buddha, Dhamma, and the Sangha, donations, governance, fairness, Sanghakamma, monks appointed to offices by the community of monks, fair shares, intellectual honesty, not paltering, Appalokana, pirates, psychology experiment called the “Ultimatum game”, “the lion’s share”, dominance heirarchy, prestige heirarchy

Dhamma References:

  • AN 8.37 - “Gifts of a Good Person”

  • SN 20.1 - “A Roof Peak”

  • DN 1 - “The Brahmā Net”: Brahmajāla Sutta

Past Dhamma Talks Referenced:

Other References:

  • Definition of Paltering

  • Ultimatum Game - where two players are to get portions of $20, but only one player gets to divvy up the portions. The second player merely accepts or rejects his portion which the first player offers. If rejected, nobody gets any of the $20. An average threshhold of acceptability of the cut is at, at least 30% for the second person.

  • Classic Pirates apparently get this “divvying up” right, where no one pirate violates the “30% dotted line” (as revealed in the Ultimatum game):

    “How to be a Pirate Quartermaster.”

    “How to be a Pirate Captain!”

  • But then in Aesop’s Fable about “The Lion’s Share”, no > 30% share is necessary for underlings, if you can cause mortal damage to those you are making a divvying-up with:

    The Lion, the Fox, and the Ass (as in Donkey)”:

    A Lion, a Fox, and an Ass went out hunting together. They had soon taken a large booty, which the Lion requested the Ass to divide between them. The Ass divided it all into three equal parts, and modestly begged the others to take their choice; at which the Lion, bursting with fury, sprang upon the Ass and tore him to pieces. Then, glaring at the Fox, he bade him make a fresh division. The Fox gathered almost the whole in one great heap for the Lion’s share, leaving only the smallest possible morsel for himself. “My dear friend,” said the Lion, “how did you get the knack of it so well?” The Fox replied, “Me? Oh, I took a lesson from the Ass.”



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