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  • Lovingkindness, Metta, Compassion, Karuna, Equanimity, Upekkha, Brahmaviharas, pure-heartedness, morality, sila, cancel culture, harsh speech, anger, Intellectual Honesty, the problematic nature of communicating over the Internet, when tone of voice is unknown, being charitable, not imputing intention, advice on cultivating Lovingkindness, analogy of manual transmission gears of a car, 4 gears corresponding to 4 brahmaviharas, equanimity is the most difficult and subtle of the brahmaviharas, not compassion

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Sutta References:

  • SN 11.1 - Suvira

    ‘Where one need not toil and strive Yet still may attain to bliss: Go there, Suvīra, And take me along with you.’

  • AN 8.1 - Loving-Kindness

    “Bhikkhus, when the liberation of the mind by loving-kindness has been pursued, developed, and cultivated, made a vehicle and basis, carried out, consolidated, and properly undertaken, eight benefits are to be expected. What eight?

    (1) One sleeps well; (2) one awakens happily; (3) one does not have bad dreams; (4) one is pleasing to human beings; (5) one is pleasing to spirits (6) deities protect one; (7) fire, poison, and weapons do not injure one; and (8) if one does not penetrate further, one moves on to the brahmā world.

  • AN 8.10 - Trash

    He speaks to people just like an ascetic, addressing them with a calm voice, but secretly he does evil deeds, holds pernicious views, and lacks respect.

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