Here’s a 53-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (106MB .mp4).


  • Calibre ebook management software, laptops, “content server”, web based browsing, increasing font size, increasing cover preview size, searching for, downloading, and reading ebooks from mobile devices, OPDS, F-droid, Open Source, apps, Android, wireless hotspot

Dhamma References:

  • many Buddhist ebook covers shown, and a particular Jataka collection was briefly previewed

Past Dhamma Talks Referenced:

Other References:

  • Calibre’s “content server” (a built-in web server - for use on your LAN by mobile devices) looks great over OPDS (say, from Librera Pro), but it looks pretty poor from a web browser - unless the “Book List” is customized to look nicer. In Calibre’s “Preferences” -> “Sharing over the net” -> “Book list template” tab, it starts off looking like this by default:

So I changed the pixel width to 300, and the template was changed as follows:

  by {authors}
  {series_index} of <i>{series}</i>
  <b>Tags:</b> {tags}
  <b>Size:</b> {size}
  <b>Published:</b> {pubdate}
  <b>Publisher:</b> {publisher}
  <b>Timestamp:</b> {timestamp}

Now, within my smartphone’s web browser, when I visit Calibre’s “content server” web page, I can look at a much nicer list of books as follows: tap the three dots in the upper right (of that webpage) -> “Book list mode” -> choose “Custom list”, which now looks like this:



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