This website has been running for three years now, in its current form. It’s been working smoothly enough, for the semi-nomadic monk lifestyle I’ve been living. Despite living in several widely-varying monastic environments (sometimes having no Internet access at all, or sporadic access), I’ve been posting something new (video, audio, or just text-based) about every 10 days on average, for that whole time.

I would guesstimate that I’ve had tens of thousands of human visitors, based on web log analysis. I’m no “Krooba Ajahn” yet, so I don’t see this as some sort of failing in popularity. I think every new Buddhist teacher makes a slower start at first. I’m not all that interested in becoming famous anyway.

There has been no security crisis or hack that whole time, despite longer periods of ignoring the site completely (like during the three-month long Rains Retreats). About every six months, the odd crucial security package indeed needed installing (like say, the linux kernel, or the nginx webserver), but there were thankfully no nasty remote exploits exposed, as far as I can tell. May this fortunate streak continue.

Dear Jekyll development team, thanks for making such a great website tool, suitable for semi-nomadic Buddhist monks like myself!