Here’s a 1 hour recorded video Dhamma Talk (291MB .mp4).


  • “The Cow” (on Psychic Powers, and attaining Jhanas) AN 9.35

Also mentioned:

  • “In the Buddha’s Words”, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi. ISBN-10: 0861714911, ISBN-13: 978-0861714919

Topics: My favorite Suttas, scholarship, reading the Early Buddhist Texts for oneself, devas, psychic powers, cosmology, rebirth, morality, generosity, support, monasticism, holy life, ancient India, Samana culture, unseen beings, ghosts, channeling, arahantship, view, ditthis, faith, worldview, dispassion, kamma, heavenly realms, Tusita realm

Note: The video above was recorded from the weekly live-streaming which I do here.