Here’s a 1 hour, 2 minute recorded video Dhamma Talk (74MB .mp4).


  • removing a sense of self, economics, wealth management, saving money, livelihood, investment, boom and bust, bubbles, verses from Tayana, channeling, agnosticism, atheism, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, belief in ghosts, cosmology, logic, faith, deities in the suttas, worldview, Net Neutrality

Note: There’s also setup instructions (and background info) about the live streaming I’m doing here.


  • “Meghiya” (on Anatta, not-self; relating back to earlier recording here): AN 9.3
  • “Dighanaju” (on wealth management): AN 8.54
  • “Gayā” (on the psychic powers of seeing and talking to Devas): AN 8.64, by E.M. Hare, and Ajahn Sujato

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