Here’s a 59 minute recorded video Dhamma Talk (71MB .mp4).

Questions from Jonas:

1) “there are some ethical, psychological and social issues that you can’t get around, certainly not as a layperson, and i’d imagine sometimes not even as a monk. i’ve found that addressing them on their own terms can be helpful, so i’m looking for input that makes sense from a buddhist perspective, for example “the social construction of reality”, which is a sociological classic. do you have any tips of your own?

2) … there’s no shortage of new scandals connected to gurus, lineage holders, etc., for example with culadasa. i’d just like to hear how your perspective on authoritarianism and trust in buddhism has changed recently.


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Note: There’s also setup instructions (and background info) about the live streaming I’m doing here.

List of Dhammas:

  • 5 precepts:
    • Not killing
    • Not stealing/no taking that which is not given
    • No Sexual Mosconduct
    • No lying, harsh speech, gossip
    • No intoxication


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