Here’s a 61-min recorded video Dhamma Conversation with Bhante Devamitta (128MB .mp4 - Tip: tap-and-hold to “Download link”, or right click to “Save Link As…“).


  • simplicity, being concise or succinct; the perfect balance between saying too little of too much, eschewing overuse of technical thinking, mindfulness of body, mindfulness of the space element, happiness, peace, asceticism, minimizing posessions

Dhamma References:

  • issariya: charge (of); power (over); control (of); rulership (of); sovereignty (over); dominion (over); wealth

  • Digital Pali Dictionary, but it’s a website, not just a goldendict dictionary

  • “attakilamatha + anuyoga” - asceticism, self-mortification, “that which tires you”

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