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  • Kalyāṇa mittatā, Kalyāṇa mittas, Kalyāna mittas, Kalyana mitta, admirable friendship, good friends, qualities of the Arhant disciples of the Buddha, Sāriputta, Mahā Moggallāna, Mahā Kassapa, Anuruddha, Revata, Ānanda, dhutangas, personalities, talents, Buddha’s leadership, diversity, tolerance

Dhamma References:

  • SN 22.96 - “A Lump of Cowdung”. A sutta showing that by contemplating impermanence, one can attain Nibbana.

  • AN 1.71-81 - “Good Friends” - a run of 10 suttas about Kalyana mittas/good friends

“Bhikkhus, I do not see even a single thing that so causes unarisen wholesome qualities to arise and arisen unwholesome qualities to decline as good friendship. For one with good friends, unarisen wholesome qualities arise and arisen unwholesome qualities decline.”

  • MN 32 - “Mahāgosinga Sutta - The Greater Discourse in Gosinga”

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