Here’s a 49-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (100MB .mp4 - Tip: tap-and-hold to “Download link”, or right click to “Save Link As…“).

Note: If you are a non-geek viewer, feel free to fast-forward in 11:10, to get straight to the Dhamma lesson.


  • chanting, Myanmar, teachers, appreciation, Sri Lanka, culture, facing difficulties and hardships, listening to advice, trusting our teachers, teacher-student relationship, ideal practice environments

Note: the “Group chat” mentioned in the video is now called , not (as is said in the video).

Dhamma References:

  • Ven. Ñāṇadīpa Mahāthera: The Silent Sages of Old - an excellent translation of the Aṭṭhakavagga, from the Sutta Nipata

Other References:

  • The “Conversations” instant messaging app (for Android, free in the F-Droid app store), and the “Monal” instant messaging app (free for iPhone) - both Open Source - can be used to register a new user on my chat server . I hope to see you in the “Group chat” I’ve created in there, called (add that as a contact, once registered and logged in). Note: the video above shows some screenshots to the effect of registering - no email address or phone number required - see from 9:24 to 11:03



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