Here’s a 57-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (119MB .mp4 - Tip: tap-and-hold to “Download link”, or right click to “Save Link As…“).


  • The late Bhante Nyānadīpa, Nyanadipa, Bhante Jinasiri, Australia, cave dwelling, Sri Lanka, Na Uyana, diṭṭhis, ditthis, views, humility, meditation technique, energy healing, forest monks, asceticism, enduring hardship, wasp stings, tudong, carika, wandering monks, community, flexibility

Sutta References:

  • MN 118 - Mindfulness of Breathing

Pali terms:

  • diṭṭhi: view; belief; opinion; concept; theory; attitude

Other References:

  • To the End of Body and Mind - by Bhante Joe Atulo:

    “In his 49 years in the monkhood, Nyānadīpa Bhante pioneered an exemplary monastic lifestyle. It was a lifestyle focused on living in solitary kuṭis, deep in the Sri Lankan forest. He was peerless in his solitary lifestyle among contemporary monks. He had an unmatched depth of experience dwelling in the deep forest. His knowledge of the practical and theoretical aspects of the Dhamma was profound. For these reasons — and more — he became an elusive legend.”

From the Blue Mountain region of Australia (when I met Bhante Jinasiri back in 2016):



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