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  • Pali/Pāḷi, cosmology, religion, distinctions between Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity, doctrine, translation, poetry, verse, big picture, rebirth, spiritual seeking, striving, death, future lives, heaven, hell, ghost realm, freedom from sin, salvation, removal of defilements, eternal life, devas; extremely long, yet not quite eternal life

Sutta References:

  • Dhp 153:


    sandhavissam anibbisam

    gahakaram gavesanto

    dukkha jatipunappunam

Pali terms:

  • aneka: many; various; countless
  • jāti: birth; rebirth; conception
  • saṃsāra: wandering on; moving on continuously; transmigration; passing from one state of existence to another; stream of existence; cyclic existence
  • sandhāvissaṃ: I transmigrated
  • anibbisa: not settling, not resting; or not paying; without expiation
  • gahakāra: house builder; mason; carpenter
  • gavesanta: seeking; searching (for); looking (for)
  • dukkha: discomfort; suffering; unease; unpleasantness; something unsatisfactory; trouble; a bummer; stress
  • punappunaṃ: repeatedly; again and again

Other References:

From Taiping’s central park (the “Raintree Walk”):



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