Here’s a 45-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (94MB .mp4).


  • Mindfulness, meditation, a holistic lifestyle, not just a technical technique, the nature of the mind, how to emotionally condition it; the citta is both the mind, but also the emotional state of the heart, Dhamma Desanas are more like explanations or two-way discourses, less like classes, heading off unwholesome states of the heart, guarding the senses

Sutta References:

  • SN 20.1 - The Roof Peak

  • AN 3.64 - The ex-monk (Sarabha) who disrobed, who complained that the Buddha’s teachings only work while you practise them. The Buddha replies, he (Sarabha) thinks he disparages my teaching, but actually, he praises it. Note: Funny mocking of Sarabha at the end: Friend Sarabha, you thought you’d roar like a lion, but you only howled liked a jackal. You thought you’d sing like a cock, but you only peeped like a chick.

Other Dhamma References:

  • Simile of the lute, where the strings should be neither too loose, nor too tight. Good practise is also this way: enough applied effort, but then not overdoing it; trying too hard to the point of grasping.

  • Continuous mindfulness is sufficient when it’s not lost for longer than the time it takes to chew and swallow one mouthful of food.

  • Mindfulness is like a craftsman plying his trade, or an apprenticeship to learn such a craft. Simile of the turner (who makes arrows), or his apprentice.

  • There is no simile to describe how flitting and capricious the mind is

  • In the Parayana: (Having broken through to the deathless) Good, now bring forth your faith



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