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  • arahants, and their ability to master and control the courses of their minds; There sure seems to be a lot of mental illness and overdosing on drugs in Canada and the USA, despite some very recent positive statistics about Quality of Life, Happiness Index, and overall Healthiness of places to live; Framing, and being careful to keep one’s spiritual priorities straight

Dhamma References:

  • AN 4.35 - “Vassakāra.” An explanation of how the Buddha’s mind has attained to mastery with having attained Nibbana:

    “I think what I want to think and do not think what I do not want to think; I intend what I want to intend and do not intend what I do not want to intend; thus I have attained to mental mastery over the ways of thought.”

  • MN 20 - “The Removal of Distracting Thoughts.” A similar explanation of an arahant’s mind, and the mastery it wields:

    “This bhikkhu is then called a master of the courses of thought. He will think whatever thought he wishes to think and he will not think any thought that he does not wish to think. He has severed craving, flung off the fetters, and with the complete penetration of conceit he has made an end of suffering.”

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