Here’s a 54-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (130MB .mp4).


  • Food, no supper, sugar as an appetite suppressant, Views, freedom of speech, witchhunts, illiberal left, decisions, “book of agreements”, Miguel Ruiz, consilience, meditative attainment, mindfulness, wandering thoughts, depriving the mind of capacity for discursive thinking through selection of object(s) of meditation, ignorance, avijja, giving credit where it’s due

Dhamma References:

  • SN 20.1 - The Roof Peak - the presense/absense of ignorance can be a very reliable yardstick of ukskillful/skillful views.

  • SN 35.248 - The Sheaf of Barley

  • AN 4.61 - Worthy Deeds

  • AN 4.55 - The Same in Living. This is the closest thing in the EBTs to a “love story”, and has a concept similar to what the Christians would call “soul mates” (although in Buddhism, there is no “soul”, owing to anatta - the characteristic of not-self. Note that the next sutta, AN 4.56 also, has the same “soul mates” theme, but summarized.

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Other References:

  • the book “The 4 Agreements”, by Miguel Ruiz



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