Here’s an 56-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (116MB .mp4).


  • Environmentalism, ecology, Asia, Ocean wildlife, fame, material wealth, corruption, self-help gurus, popularity of Theravada, Mahayana, and non-buddhist self-help gurus on Youtube, the use of drugs as part of a spiritual path, instability, “top-heaviness”, Ajahn Panyavado, Ajahn Paññavado, spirituality which has no stable morality, sila, sīla, touching the dragon, seizing the dragon, becoming the dragon, Nagas, Nāgas, the Buddha, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, PLUR, partying

Correction: I stated the date and episode number wrong. The correct date: March 6, 2022, the correct episode is 85.

Correction: It was Bhante Sujato’s translation of AN 8.85 which I showed, not “Ajahn Brahm’s”.

Sutta References:

  • AN 8.86 - “With Nāgita”

    “Nāgita, may I never become famous. May fame not come to me. There are those who can’t get the bliss of renunciation, the bliss of seclusion, the bliss of peace, the bliss of awakening when they want, without trouble or difficulty like I can. Let them enjoy the filthy, lazy pleasure of possessions, honor, and popularity.”

  • AN 8.85 - “Terms for the Realized One”

    “I am a dragon[Nāga] completely tamed, Nāgomhi paramadanto, an adept, I am extinguished.”

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