Here’s an 77-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (188MB .mp4).


  • Sila, Sīla, Dana, Dāna, Dānavagga, rebirth in the Heavens, Soteriology, Metaphysics, morality, giving, Guanxi, Social Connections, Social Network, face, timliness, suitability, so-called “excellence” of food, food, junk food, views about food, onions, garlic, sugar, diabetes, investigating before giving a gift, gifts not being surprises, the “Hippy moment of satisfaction”, satsfaction in a job well done, skill in generosity, right view, kamma

Sutta References:

  • A run of ten foundational suttas great for laypeople, about giving, in the Anguttara Nikaya: the Dānavagga

  • AN 8.35 - Rebirth on Account of Giving

    (…repeated several times:) …and that is for one who is virtuous, I say, not for one who is immoral. The heart’s wish of one who is virtuous succeeds because of his purity.

  • AN 8.37 - The Good Person’s Gifts

    “Bhikkhus, there are these eight gifts of a good person. What eight? (1) He gives what is pure; (2) he gives what is excellent; (3) he gives a timely gift; (4) he gives what is allowable; (5) he gives after investigation; (6) he gives often; (7) while giving he settles his mind in confidence; and (8) having given, he is elated. These are the eight gifts of a good person.”

Other References:

  • Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs - An awesome documentary-style exposee on NFTs, web3, cryptocurrency, defi, etc. Highly recommended.

  • Guanxi: “…is a term used in Chinese culture to describe an individual’s social network of mutually beneficial personal and business relationships. … Historically, China lacked a strong rule of law and the government did not hold every citizen subject to the law. As a result, the law did not provide the same legal protection as it did in the West. Chinese people developed guanxi along with the concept of face and personal reputation to help ensure trust among between each other in business and personal matters.”

  • Nutrition Facts website, has lots of well-presented, credible Scientific research presented with respect to diet



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