Here’s an 68-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (125MB .mp4).


  • Seclusion, Viveka, contentment, Santutthi, Sense Restraint, meditation, supporting conditions, remote forest lodgings, poor internet access, off-grid, forest monasticism, lifestyle, smartphones, Airplane Mode, “Do Not Disturb” mode, Mechanical “Alert Slider” switch, James Brown, “buffering” content, LibreElec, Kodi, Signal, RSS, ads, sacred, Youtube app, links, copying-and-pasting, firefox, uBlock Origin, ad-blocker, push-to-talk, radios off, insecure Android, glorified USB stick with a screen, Dhamma Talks, sharing, path of least resistance, Poor Man’s Netflix, Smart TV, Dumb TV, offline content, network file share, file management, lost art


  • “Poor Man’s Netflix” with LibreElec on a Raspberry Pi 4:

  • Buddhist RSS Feeds are explained more here.

  • youtube-dl tricks for downloading “fair-use” Youtube content (eg. for “personal study”, “research”, or “teaching” purposes) for offline use:

    • Save a Youtube video in 480p, and embed the English subtitles inside it:

      youtube-dl --write-sub --sub-lang en --embed-subs -c -f '[height<481]'

    • Download the English subtitles (as a plain text file, ending in .en.vtt), next hit Ctrl-C to interrupt full video download if all you want is the subtitles:

      youtube-dl --write-sub --sub-lang en



Digital Signing and Checksum (of the .mp4 video file above):