Here’s an 59-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (302MB .mp4).


  • Meditation, Brahmaviharas, Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Upekkha, lovingkindness, compassion, Sympathetic Joy, Equanimity, integration, spiritual lifestyle, piti, sukha, morality, generosity, worldview, perspective, Arahants, Sariputta, Assaji, lifespan, poetic beauty, spiritual progress

Sutta References:

  • Iti 27

    Just as the radiance of all the stars does not equal one-sixteenth of the radiance of the moon, as the moon—surpassing them—shines, blazes, & dazzles, even so, all the grounds for making merit leading to spontaneously arising in heaven do not equal one-sixteenth of the . Good will—surpassing them—shines, blazes, & dazzles.

  • Dhp 114

    “A single day lived awake to the undying state is of greater value than a hundred years lived without recognizing deathlessness.”

  • Dhp 85

    Few among men are those who cross to the farther shore. The rest, the bulk of men, only run up and down the hither bank.

  • Iti 55

    “Bhikkhus, there are these three kinds of search…”

    Sensual search, the search for being, The search for a holy life of one Who takes his stand upon a view And holds it tightly as the truth— These are heapings of defilements.

    For a bhikkhu wholly dispassionate And freed by the destruction of craving, Searches have been relinquished And uprooted the standpoint of views. With the destruction of searches a bhikkhu Is free from desire and doubt.

  • Iti 7

    One who knows the “All” in every way, Who is not attached to anything, Having fully understood the “All,” Has overcome all suffering.



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