Here’s an 58-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (120MB .mp4).


  • Uposatha, Iti Pi So, fortnightly, Buddhism, ceremony, Visakha, Visākhā, performance review, merit, joy, devas, bad habits, communion, holy wafer, Sun god, Moon god, Paganism, Discourse SuttaCentral, thread, ecology, reverence, respect, Mother Earth, Gaia, Climate Change, environment, communal harmony, Sasanarakkha, 9pm, customs, traditions, Lunisolar Calendar, NASA, moon orbit, crookedness, reconing the Full Moon, Kathina

Sutta References:

  • “A single day lived awake to the undying state is of greater value than a hundred years lived without recognizing deathlessness.” - Dhp 114
  • AN 3.70 - Uposatha
  • MN 31 - The Shorter Discourse at Gosiṅga - The Venerables Anuruddha, Nandiya, Kimbila stay up late, discussing Dhamma. Sasanarakkha continues this tradition.

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