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  • New Suttacentral has “Active Pali Lookup”, Abhidhamma, Physics, Atomic theory, fundamental particles, Kalapas, Monopoly Boardgame, convergence, arahant, Nibbana, winning the game, blanced gameplay, affrontation, tribalism, lineages, traditions, leadership, accountability, sexual scandal, Vinaya, Pr 1, Parajika, Pārājika, dinkies, penetration, disrobal, disrobing

Sutta References:

  • Ajahn Punnadhammo - “Abhidhamma VII - atomic model
  • DN 16 - “The Realized One doesn’t have the closed fist of a teacher when it comes to the teachings”
  • Pindola gets in trouble with his psychic powers (Vin.ii.110f)

Vinaya References:

  • Buddhist Monastic Code Part 1 - from Parajika 1:

    “Should any bhikkhu … engage in sexual intercourse, … he is defeated and no longer in affiliation … sexual intercourse has been performed when … one organ enters the other … to the extent of a sesame seed.”

  • Buddhist Monastic Code Part 2

Other References:


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