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  • Bhava, Becoming, Tanha, craving, addiction, obsession, not knowing boundaries, limits, friends, companions, Six, Mono, balance, art, art interpretation, Lao Tzu, extenuation, making an effort, working hard, “Innovation Tokens”, technology, TV, smartphones, taking smartphones to bed, dark side of addiction, children, too much screentime, scary, creepy, macabre, suspense, youth, video games, symbolism, foreshadowing, modern folklore

Note: the “Art Interpretation” of the themes and symbolism in the video game “Little Nightmares 2” starts at 22:39 in the video below:

Sutta References:

  • Ud 8.4 - Unbinding (4) (Nibbāna Sutta)

    “For the dependent there is agitation, for the independent there is no agitation.

    “When there is no agitation there is calm, when there is calm there is no inclining.

    “When there is no inclining, there is no coming or going.

    “When there is no coming or going, there is no passing away and rebirth.

    “When there is no passing away and rebirth, there is no here or hereafter or in between the two— just this is the end of suffering.”

Other References:

  • ~3300 Dhamma Talks (for you to recursively download, link expires March 15, 2021)
  • Lao Tzu - “He who stands on tiptoe doesn’t stand firm.
  • Choose Boring Technology” - The concept of the “3 innovation tokens
  • Little Nightmares 2 Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (no commentary), as played by Youtuber “Gameplay Only”:

    Key plot scenes, within “Little Nightmares 2”:

    1) 3:22:00 - Plot twist at end, Six drops Mono. Why would she drop him? Maybe because he deserved it.

    2) 0:55:20 - Psychedelic doodling: proliferation (papañca) goes out of healthy boundaries

    3) 0:01:05 - Opening scene, foreshadowing: hallway (“the twisted path”) with eyeball door; kid has weird relationship with TV, but then again, most people have a weird relationship with their phone, sleeping beside it at night.

    4) 0:37:52 - 1st plunging into TV, but 2nd time in hallway, twisted path - once popped back out, look, Six is there… Did she pull him out?

    5) 1:38:05 - 2nd plunging into TV - once popped back out, look, Six is there… Did she pull him out?

    6) 2:32:40 - 3rd plunging into TV - once popped back out, look, Six is there… Did she pull him out? Look at her arms. This time tall guy is revealed, comes out of TV, kidnaps Six

    7) 2:46:00 - tower with “Eye of Sauron”, suggestive of Surveillance Capitalism (or perhaps surveillance state)

    8) 3:07:52 - Mono battles Tall man, wins, pulls tower close psychically (notice manhole at bottom centre hasn’t moved at all)

    9) 3:14:25 - Mono meets Six, she’s not happy to see him, doesn’t want to play

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