Here’s an 61-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (113MB .mp4).


  • Patience, effective communication, tone of voice, body language, penpals, “Penpal 2.0”, slowing life down, monasteries, analogy of a squirrel gathering nuts, and switching to another tree, attention, lengthening our attention, meditation, correspondance, Star Wars, Princess Leia, R2D2, holograpjhic message, “Help me Obi Wan”, Plain-Old-Telephone-Service (POTS), TV, resolution, bitrates, audio quality, video formats, .mp4, .mkv, uploads, Signal Private Messenger, Video calls, Audio calls, 5-minute “audio memos”, a lack of “video memos”

Sutta References:

  • Ovada Patimokkha: Khanti paramam tapo titikkha; “patient endurance is the foremost austerity”

Other References:

  • VLC (for watching/listening to downloaded video or audio messages).


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