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  • non-sensationalised news, half of all monasteries use RSS
  • Canmore, fire, quail protection, paritta, jatakas
  • sleep, brain science of emotions, when we don’t get enough sleep
  • Social media, The Social Dilemma, Goonies, quotation from character “Mouth” to character “Chunk”
  • grassroots forums with enough moderators to actually effectively enforce a code of conduct
  • running your own website, if you are a professional or expert, “putting your money where your mouth is”
  • you have to pay for it somehow or other, even if it’s by so much as following the code of conduct on a grassroots, well-moderated online forum

Sutta References:

  • Jataka #35, Vaṭṭaka-parittaṁ, “With, wings that fly not.” Jataka, Vol. 1 by W.H.D. Rose, translated by Robert Chalmers. This text is in the public domain in the US because it was published prior to 1923.

    Aṭṭhi loke sīla-guno
    Saccaṃ soceyy’anuddayā,
    Tena saccena kāhāmi,
    Sacca-kiriya-anuttaraṃ .
    Avajjitva dhamma-balaṃ,
    Saritvā pubbake jine,
    Santi pakkhā apattanā,
    Santi pādā avancanā,
    Matā pitā ca nikkhantā,
    Jata-veda patikhama.
    Saha sacce kate mayhaṃ,
    Vajjesi solasa karīsāni,
    Udakaṃ patvā yaṭhā sikhī,
    Saccena me samo n’aṭṭhi,
    Esā me sacca-pāramīti.
    There's saving grace in Goodness in this world;
    There's truth, compassion, purity of life.
    Thereby, I'll work a matchless Act of Truth.
    Remembering Faith's might, and taking thought
    On those who triumphed in the days gone by,
    Strong in the truth, an Act of Truth I wrought.
    With wings that fly not, feet that walk not yet,
    Forsaken by my parents, here I lie!
    Wherefore I conjure thee, dread Lord of Fire,
    Primæval Jātaveda, turn! go back!
    I wrought my Act of Truth, and therewithal
    The sheet of blazing fire left sixteen lengths
    Unscathed,--like flames by water met and quenched.
  • AN 7.36 - “Friends”

    A friend gives what is hard to give,
    and does what’s hard to do.
    They put up with your harsh words,
    and with things hard to endure.
    They tell you their secrets,
    and keep your secrets for you.
    They don’t abandon you in times of trouble,
    or look down on you in times of loss.
    The person in whom
    these things are found is your friend.
    If you want to have a friend,
    you should keep company with such a person.

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