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Sutta References:

  • MN 131 - “One Fine Night”

    Don’t run back to the past, don’t hope for the future. What’s past is left behind; the future has not arrived;

    and phenomena in the present are clearly seen in every case. Knowing this, foster it— unfaltering, unshakable.

    Today’s the day to keenly work— who knows, tomorrow may bring death! For there is no bargain to be struck with Death and his mighty hordes.

    The peaceful sage explained it’s those who keenly meditate like this, tireless all night and day, who truly have that one fine night.

  • MN 21: “The Simile of the Saw”

    “…a mendicant may be the sweetest of the sweet, the most even-tempered of the even-tempered, the calmest of the calm, so long as they don’t encounter any disagreeable criticism. But it’s when they encounter disagreeable criticism that you’ll know whether they’re really sweet, even-tempered, and calm.”

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