Here’s a 60 min recorded video Dhamma Talk (126MB .mp4).


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  • Sam Harris: “Welcome to the Cult Factory”. Note: This podcast made me extra glad that I 1) have a Mattermost chat server, and 2) that my website has an RSS feed.

  • GPT-3 - “In simple terms it’s a program that accepts some text and then generates a continuation of this text.” … “GPT-3 mimics the style, tone and character of whatever text you feed it.” … “It should be obvious at this point that if you were to do something nefarious like input some dangerous ideas into GPT-3, then it would continue in the same vein. This is an important point that lends to obvious criticism and it’s a topic of which OpenAI is extremely conscious. The use of GPT-3 in the wild requires a security application among other safeguards to limit GPT-3’s use in obviously negative ways.”



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