Here’s a 58 min recorded video Dhamma Talk (115MB .mp4).


  • Saskatoon, fall leaves, Saskatchewan, South Saskatchewan River, Meewasin Trail, most influential reads, Pali Canon, Early Buddhist Texts, reading, “Inner peace, self-practice, most influential reads & why?”, RSS, social media, workplace, alternatives, Open Source, analogy of how invasive mice are like Social Media, “your unwillingness/inability to copy and paste links is causing severe social damage on the internet”, analogy of a canyon, “current events- covid started and isolation, no control was big issue, craving, desires, addiction, no-self”

Dhamma Mentioned:

  • 4 noble truths
  • Parents would do well to teach children: “Know the gratification, the danger, and the escape”
  • anatta (not-self)


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