Here’s a 59 min recorded video Dhamma Talk (123MB .mp4). Note that there is a Part 1 of this talk, while this is Part 2.


  • Na Uyana, Wat Buddha Dhamma, Ajahn Khemavaro, Mahamevnawa, Sri Lanka, Nandaka, Malaysia, Thailand, Dipabhavan, Wat Suan Mokkh, Ajahn Buddhadasa, digestion, knees, Canmore Theravada Buddhist Community, Sanghamitta, Manik, Zenor, Bryce, Solo Retreat Area, integrating mindfulness into one’s daily life, simplified lifestyle

Dhamma Mentioned:

  • Vipassana, defined succinctly:
    • It’s not a method, but is rather a state of mind.
    • Nothing is so trivial you should ignore it. Nothing is so important you should attach to it.
  • The last fetters to go before Nibbana


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