Here’s a 38 min recorded video Dhamma Talk (76MB .mp4).


  • saddha, shraddha, Sakka, Inda, indriyas, powers, psychic powers, arahants, Nibbana, planes of existence, Buddhist Cosmology, rebirth, death, kamma, morality, idealism, asceticism, egotism, selfishness

Sutta References:

  • DN 25: With The Lion’s Roar at Udumbarikā’s Monastery - The Buddha talks to a Wanderer, Nigrodha, and points out that even when various (non-Buddhist) forms of religious practice, and idealism are undertaken, even when successful, there can still be a bunch of egotism, selfishness, jealousy, and other forms of poor attitude around that, which are still defilements.

  • DN 23: With Kūṭadanta - Even that one guy (prince Pāyāsi) who says he didn’t believe in gods, can’t stop himself from admitting that he believes the sun and moon are gods.


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