Here’s a 60 min recorded video Dhamma Talk (285MB .mp4).

Suttas referenced:

  • Dhp 123, 166, 180, 204, 273, 282, 396, in “The Dhammapada”, by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Lists of Dhamma:

  • The 8-fold path, specifically Right View

Other References:


  • Dhammapada, good habits, passionlessness, self-care, self-help, welfare, entanglement, embroilment, becoming, bhava, trustworthiness, trust, Canadian culture, Malaysian culture, meditation, attachments, supercilious, arrogance, pride, dictatorial behavior, flowers, mountains, Indoan Paintbrushes, Forget-Me-Nots, Fleabane, Wisdom Power, Willpower, Ajahn Chah, walking meditation, Investigation of Dhamma,


Digital Signing and Checksum (of the .mp4 video file above):