Here is a 12-min recorded audio-only Dhamma Talk, from an in-person event at SBS/TIMS (Taiping, Malaysia) - downloadable 16MB .mp3 (Tip: tap and hold to “Download link”, or right click to “Save Link As…“).


  • Dependent Origination, knowledge, ignorance, avijja, avijjā, ignorance; illusion; not knowing; not understanding, volitional formations, wanting to spend our time in spiritual ways, not worldly ways, having a momentum and drive in practice

Sutta Reference:

  • SN 12.69 - The Surge

    “Bhikkhus, the ocean surging causes the rivers to surge; the rivers surging cause the streams to surge; the streams surging cause the lakes to surge; the lakes surging cause the pools to surge. So too, ignorance surging causes volitional formations to surge; volitional formations surging cause consciousness to surge; consciousness surging causes name-and-form to surge; name-and-form surging causes the six sense bases to surge; the six sense bases surging cause contact to surge; contact surging causes feeling to surge; feeling surging causes craving to surge; craving surging causes clinging to surge; clinging surging causes existence to surge; existence surging causes birth to surge; birth surging causes aging-and-death to surge.”

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