Here is a 54-min recorded audio-only Dhamma Talk, from an in-person event at Nandaka, to an audience of about 50. (54MB .mp3).


  • Chinese values compared and contrasted with Westerner values; “Group Harmony” in contrast to a milieu which enjoys debate and discussion, Buddhism as a religion which is inclusive to different personality types who ordain, the personality types and talents of the chief disciples of the Buddha; avoiding fighting, anger, arguing; what to look for in groups of practitioners, to try to find the most suitable group to practice with

Dhamma References:

  • SN 14.15 - “Walking Together” (…also in Mandarin). The Buddha notes how his chief disciples take on students of their own, which have personalities similar to those same chief disciples.

  • Parisavagga - The Chapter on Assemblies - especially AN 2.43 (“divided” vs. “harmonious” assemblies), and 2.47 (assemblies “educated in fancy talk” vs. “educated in questioning”)


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