Here’s a 59 minute recorded video Dhamma Talk (201MB .mp4).


  • holy life, monk culture, work, marketing, jhanas, psychic powers, commentaries, Nandamātā, Nandamata, Visakha

Note: There’s also setup instructions (and background info) about the live streaming I’m doing here.


  • “With Subha” (the renunciate life compared with trade, while householder life compared to agriculture): MN 99
  • “Nanda’s Mother” (Nandamātā is a non-returner, and psychic as well): AN 7.53
  • “Nothing to Hide”: AN 7.58 - “The Realized One has explained the teaching well. I see no reason for anyone—whether ascetic, brahmin, god, Māra, or Brahmā, or anyone else in the world—to legitimately scold me, saying: ‘For such and such reasons you haven’t explained the teaching well.’ Since I see no such reason, I live secure, fearless, and assured.”

Other mentions:

  • Krita, an Open Source drawing/painting program for Theravada Buddhist laypeople possibly making Buddhist artwork, for Theravada monks and nuns to use in their videos.

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