Here’s an 88-min recorded video Dhamma Talk (404MB .mp4).


  • Kathina, Ehi Passiko, Bhante Chandananada, Bhante Dhammarakkhita, Bhante Vajitadhamma, Bhante Piyadhamma
  • Vinaya, Sariputta, Moggallana, Going Forth, Ven. Assaji, the Deathless, faith, confidence, flexing, egotism, spiritual accomplishment, sottapanna, Eye of Dhamma
  • Bhikkhuni Ordination, Bhikkhuni Pattimokka, Bhikkhunīvibhaṅga, analogy of Monopoly rules, and you don’t get $500 on “Free Parking”, monks and nuns monasteries as autonomous and separate, allocation of funds, boom-and-bust cycles, abandoned monasteries, allocation of money, dayakas, upasikas, stewards, money-handling, funding, social structure, Bhikkhuni Ovada once every Uposatha

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