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  • Syncretism, Theravada traditions, Ajahn Chah Lineage, Na Uyana, organizational culture, Galduwa, Mahamevnawa, Pa Auk Sayadaw Tradition, Sasanarakkha, Vinaya, Patimokkha, Sutta Vibhanga, Suttavibhaṅga, Suttavibhanga, Commentaries, Nissaya, dependence, independence, memorization, Vinaya exams, scholarship, acedemia, solo retreat, Nandaka, Malaysia

Sutta References:

  • AN 8.83 - “Rooted”

    “Mendicants, if wanderers who follow other paths were to ask: ‘Reverends, all things have what as their root? What produces them? What is their origin? What is their meeting place? What is their chief? What is their ruler? What is their overseer? What is their core?’ You should answer them: ‘Reverends, all things are rooted in desire. Attention produces them. Contact is their origin. Feeling is their meeting place. Immersion is their chief. Mindfulness is their ruler. Wisdom is their overseer. Freedom is their core.’ When questioned by wanderers who follow other paths, that’s how you should answer them.”


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